Compare and Contrast the Odyssess and O’Brother Where Art Thous Essay

The plot of the two stories, Odyssey and O’Brother, Where Art Thou both has interesting plots. The telling of the stories are both different but the plot of the stories are similar. The plots both involve Siren and the witch goddess Circe. Ulysses and Odysseus are trying to escape Siren and use wax as a way to avoid her. Ulysses puts wax in his own hair, however, Odysseus want but the wax in his hair. Odysseus has his men put it on their ears. They both used wax and they used it in a different way for the same goal.

The similarity in their plot for escape continued. The main goal for both of the main characters was to make their way back home to be with their families and most importantly their wives. Another similarity in the plot continues as both characters meet Circe, the witch goddess. In The Odyssey the man was turned into a pig, but in O’Brother Where Art Thou, the men woke up to find their friend, who they initially thought was dead, was now supposedly a frog.

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The last plot similarity was between the Lotus-Eaters, in The Odysseys and the baptism of the men in O’Brother Where Art Thou. This similarity came in both stories when the characters had a renewed spirit. In The Odysseys the renewing came through the eating of the fruit and in the movie, O’Brother Where Art Thou, was through the baptism. Both experiences allowed the men to began a new way of thinking.


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