Matteson Ttagart a&p conclusion revised Essay

By stereotyping and categorizing the girls who came into the store, Sammy shows his immaturity through his shallow, sexist, and impulsive behavior. His shallowness shows in the imagery created by his visions of women as well as his preconceived notions of what makes a woman pretty. The immaturity and impulsivity are shown by his actions at the A&P. His continual critiquing of others demonstrates his inability to see others as anything but the image he creates, based on his own values and preconceived notions.

Sammy’s internal dialogue gives the reader some insight into the thought processes that make him impulsive and shallow, as well as demonstrating his sexism.  His final gesture, quitting his job over a perceived insult to girls who he has never seen before and may never see again, demonstrates his inability to see below the surface of a situation. While Sammy might believe his actions are heroic, the reader is all too aware that he truly has feet of clay.

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